Solvit Handling.

We started our own business in the Netherlands back in 2004. For the first seven years we outsourced our storage, pre-packing and order-picking activities.

In line with our continued expansion and to facilitate greater quality control over both products and services we brought these operations in-house in 2011 with the formation of Solvit Handling.

This business has been established at our Poeldijk warehouse, near Rotterdam, and has helped us solve a number of logistical challenges over the years and – most importantly – allowed us to keep a close eye on everything that’s happening in the name of the Nationwide Produce Group.

We have a large warehouse with ten loading docks and six cold-stores on one of the biggest fresh produce industrial estates in Europe, alongside a fantastic team that insists on providing only the highest-quality service for clients. We are BRC Storage & Distribution, Grade AA certified.

Our six temperature controlled-chambers allows us to keep our produce fresher for longer. Furthermore, being BRC certified gives our customers the confidence and assurance that we are going above and beyond the legal requirements.

In addition to carrying out handling and storage for our own operation in NL, we are also providing these services to third parties. We can offer competitive rates for trans-shipping, cross-docking, storage, cold-storage, pre-packing, grading, sorting, order picking, and more.

One of our main USP’s here at Solvit Handling is the option of creating a mixed pallet. We offer a bespoke service giving customers full control of what they need, when they need it by and where it should be delivered.

Solvit Handling has helped a huge range of clients over the years when they themselves have looked to outsource their own storage and handling needs. Our attention to detail means that they have been able to take advantage of one of the finest facilities and teams available in the fresh produce handling industry today.

The Solvit Handling team is always on the lookout for exporters/importers/growers to help them grow their own business and take care of their produce in one of the finest facilities available throughout Europe.